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Can The Truth About Abs really show you how to lose that ugly belly fat?

June 14th, 2014

Throughout my late teens and early twenties I found time to go to the gym and be active. I had a relatively healthy lifestyle and my weight was never an issue. The crushing responsibility of adulthood was yet to wreak havoc with my metabolic rate. My first desk job required a move to the bright lights of the big city. The hours were long and I constantly craved sleep. I had no time for the gym or healthy meal preparation. I was living in a vicious circle of too tired to go to the supermarket, too tired to cook and buying fast food on the way home from work.

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After a few years of living this insanely unhealthy lifestyle, it started to show outwardly. My hair and skin were a mess, but worse than this was the weight I’d gained around my abdomen. My clothes were all a bit too tight (especially all my jeans). My self esteem had fallen through the floor, I was embarrassed to be seen without my shirt on, be it on the beach or around the pool. I felt as though I’d been hijacked by visceral fat. The spiral continued downward. My weight gain just didn’t seem to slow or stop. I perfected the art of covering my body with layers of clothing to hide the fat belly.

This really was a low point in my life, I felt as though I’d given up and was slowly letting my body slip to the point of no return, which as we all know is nearly impossible to recover from. A sedentary lifestyle coupled with a bad diet is a recipe for disaster, not only to your wieght gain, but to your health overall.

When I’d finally hit rock bottom, something just snapped and I made a decision to change my life. I pulled myself up and made a huge effort to snap this cycle and get back on the saddle. I changed my job and MADE the time to get fit and healthy again and get back in control of my life. I joined the gym and worked out three times a week. I filled my kitchen cupboards with healthy food. I needed to lose 25 lbs (11 kilos), after 6 months of the “new me”, I’d only lost 5lbs (2 kilos), not really the result I was after. What was going on? I’d made all these huge changes to my lifestyle. I trained hard at the gym, I ran around the park in the mornings (which I hated doing) and I watched what I ate. The lack of results took a huge toll on my motivation and commitment. Here I was killing myself and for what. It was so easy to slip back into a world of PROCRASTINATION and fast food.

After spending weeks on the net looking for some help/advice/answers on how to lose the belly fat, I came across The Truth About Abs by Mike Geary. I’d already tried a high cardio exercise regime, I’d reduced my calorie intake, I was only eating healthy food and was doing crunch after crunch, however I wasn’t losing the stubborn stomach fat. After reading about the Truth About Abs on Mike Geary’s site, I was intrigued.

When I committed to the program, the following happened:

  • I developed a physique I’d only ever dreamt of having
  • My self esteem and confidence went through the roof
  • I had the healthy lifestyle I craved
  • I had masses of energy
  • I had more time to do the things I loved doing, because The Truth About Abs is not about spending hours in the gym or doing boring cardio

HOWEVER, it wasn’t as straightforward as I thought it would be. The problem I had, was that it took some time and research for me to get the concepts into perspective, understand and really get a handle on them and get started. Because of the very comprehensive nature of the Truth About Abs program, I got hit with information overload right from the start. I realised that I needed a basic primer on certain issues in the book as well as help getting over that first hurdle, which is always the major reason that a lot of people that buy The Truth About Abs, never get started.  After identifying some of the issues and spending the first month researching them, I decided to write a “Companion” to The Truth About Abs. It provides a basic primer on some of the issues I struggled with, such as;

  • Calculating your Resting Metabolic Rate
  • Understanding how the six essential nutrients impact your body
  • Calculating your daily calorie requirement
  • Body Fat Percentages

To get my FREE “The Truth About Abs Companion”, you need to do the following;

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3) Send me your receipt – send it to and once I’ve confirmed your order I’ll send you the download link to The Truth About Abs Companion. Please note that I wrote the Companion so it is only available from me, no-one else is offering this. (if you do manage to get it from someone else, I’d be grateful if you’d let me know)

the truth about abs

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My review of The Truth About Abs

The book is split into two sections. The first covers nutrition and the second exercise. The first thing you notice is that the Truth About Abs is long (149 pages) and very comprehensive. In fact it is a little daunting.

The big question – Did it work for me?

At this point you really have to want to make it happen. The e-book can sit on your hard drive for months before you get round to it. You can procrastinate and delay, but like anything worth doing, you need to just get on with it and take it a step at a time. I probably had the toughest job from a fat perspective as I needed to lower my body fat by about 5% – which is the last bit of stubborn body fat that is particularly hard to lose unless you know how and Mike Geary’s book provides a complete blue print on how.

The Truth About Abs worked for me, because I made a commitment to myself and to be honest had wasted enough time already with all the other online junk. My target was my summer holiday, so that was motivation enough to get on with it.

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Month 1

I learnt that literally everything I had been doing before, was wrong. I was eating the wrong foods (i.e. soya milk – thought it was great for me, turns out that it is quite the opposite – just google it to check) and my exercise regime was doing absolutely nothing to help me lower my body fat percentage. I was using single joint exercises, like dumbbell curls that don’t really do that much as opposed to multi joint exercises like squats that can increase your resting metabolic rate by as much as 7x. I was fatiguing and starving my body to the point that my metabolic rate was slowing and was in fact gaining some weight. How crazy is that, but we all do it.

Month 2

Once I’d got to grips with the concepts in the book and put my nutrition and diet plan into place, the results were astonishing. Within a week, my stomach literally looked less distended (maybe it was psychological initially). But by the end of month 2, my upper abs were starting to show and most of the fat on my lower back was starting to go. I felt great and my energy levels were constant.

Month 3

It was in this month that it really started to happen and the great thing is, the more I started to see results, the greater my motivation. My clothes started to fit properly. I didn’t actually recognise myself in the mirror. Had never seen myself with a six pack – loved it. I’ve just hit my 30′s, I now weigh 170 lbs (77 kilos), I’m in the prime of my life and I feel incredible and my girl friend, well, she can’t keep her hands off me…..


The Truth About Abs is a lifestye change, rather than a quick fix/lose weight now text. Now that I understand how my body reacts to diet and exercise, I can continue to maintain not just a six pack, but a very healthy life in general. I enjoy the diet philosophy and the exercise regime, once understood, is a revelation. Results are motivation enough for most of us and there is no way that I’m willing to allow myself to revert to my pre Truth About Abs physique – not a chance :-)…

Will it work for you?

The Truth About Abs will work, if you make a commitment to yourself. Find something that will motivate you like a beach holiday and go for it. My original goal was to just lose my belly, but the six pack was a real surprise and a great one at that. The key is to take each day at a time. The Companion to The Truth About Abs will help you see the forest for the trees at the start of your journey and once you’re over the first hurdle there will be no looking back :-)

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What are the basic principles behind Mike Geary’s book?

March 25th, 2014

Mike Geary’s book is 149 pages long and is split into two broad sections. The first half of the book covers the nutritional elements of a diet that will help you lose the viceral fat surrounding your internal organs i.e. belly fat. There are food groups that will actually encourage your body to burn fat deposits.

I had a hard time making sense of all of the conflicting reports online that dealt with the issues of diet and exercising your abs, what works and what doesn’t. The Truth About Absis clear on what you should be eating, in what quantities and when and which exercises actually work and which don’t.

We all have a set of six pack abs, waiting to burst free, its simply a matter of finding the most effective way of removing the belly fat covering up our abs. Once this is done, the hard part is over. You then need to stick to a balanced diet and a healthy level of exercise.

Mike Geary is both a certified nutritionist and personal trainer, so he is able to write about nutrition and exercise with authority. Once you start to use his program, you will start to see results pretty quickly (this will vary from person to person).

The secret to his book, is simply that everything is in one place and that it covers everything you will ever need to know to get that perfect set of six pack abs.

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Does The Truth About Abs really work?

January 25th, 2014

Why is it soooo difficult to get rid of that stubborn belly fat. I enjoy a beer or three especially in the summer. I admit to having a sweet tooth. I have, however, always tried to stay fit and used to  regularly hit the tennis courts and the gym.

My career had resulted in a complete full stop on exercise and healthy eating. I ate whatever I could get my hands on at whatever time and I no longer had the time to hit the gym or tennis courts. The belly and love handles had taken on a life of their own. My favourite jeans were just a bit too tight to be comfortable and during my beach holiday, it was difficult to keep the flab away from prying eyes.

I wanted a six pack. I wanted that belly to be smooth and flat. Don’t we all. The perfect full set of six pack abs for Xmas please :-). Seriously, I didn’t lack the commitment, just the knowledge and expertise.

I started my research and found so much info online and at the gym (everyone knows how to get a six pack – oh, without actually having one themselves) that it got really difficult to know what was right and what was wrong.

Like everything in life, the biggest obstacle to actually achieving what you want is YOU. We are, unfortunately, intrinsically lazy, or if you want to be slightly kinder, we are all time starved with the pressures of life to make a commitment to our health and well being. I found that once I really committed to making it happen (and believe me, the e-book sat on my hard drive for a few months before I bothered to read it) the results I started to achieve really pushed me to keep going and as I started to lose weight and get my belly fat under control the satisfaction alone drove me to keep going. So, in a nutshell, once you get through the tough early stages, there will be no looking back.

Mike Geary’s book, The Truth About Abs, is a definitive work, that couples nutrition and exercise as the ONLY way to get a six pack set of abs. One doesn’t work without the other and Mike Geary knows this all too well because of his background as a certified nutritionist and personal trainer.

Do I recommend this book – of course I do. I have the six pack, but more importantly, its everything else, the healthy life style, the confidence, the attention, hell, I feel like James Bond (where’s the Aston Martin – I parked it here somewhere???) – I wish :-)

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