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What are the basic principles behind Mike Geary’s book?

November 25th, 2009

Mike Geary’s book is 149 pages long and is split into two broad sections. The first half of the book covers the nutritional elements of a diet that will help you lose the viceral fat surrounding your internal organs i.e. belly fat. There are food groups that will actually encourage your body to burn fat deposits.

I had a hard time making sense of all of the conflicting reports online that dealt with the issues of diet and exercising your abs, what works and what doesn’t. The Truth About Abs is clear on what you should be eating, in what quantities and when and which exercises actually work and which don’t. 

We all have a set of six pack abs, waiting to burst free, its simply a matter of finding the most effective way of removing the belly fat covering up our abs. Once this is done, the hard part is over. You then need to stick to a balanced diet and a healthy level of exercise.

Mike Geary is both a certified nutritionist and personal trainer, so he is able to write about nutrition and exercise with authority. Once you start to use his program, you will start to see results pretty quickly (this will vary from person to person).

The secret to his book, is simply that everything is in one place and that it covers everything you will ever need to know to get that perfect set of six pack abs.

Click here to read more about Mike Geary and his book The Truth About Abs

Does The Truth About Abs really work?

November 25th, 2009

Why is it soooo difficult to get rid of that stubborn belly fat. I enjoy a beer or three especially in the summer. I admit to having a sweet tooth. I have, however, always tried to stay fit and used to  regularly hit the tennis courts and the gym.

My career had resulted in a complete full stop on exercise and healthy eating. I ate whatever I could get my hands on at whatever time and I no longer had the time to hit the gym or tennis courts. The belly and love handles had taken on a life of their own. My favourite jeans were just a bit too tight to be comfortable and during my beach holiday, it was difficult to keep the flab away from prying eyes.

I wanted a six pack. I wanted that belly to be smooth and flat. Don’t we all. The perfect full set of six pack abs for Xmas please :-) . Seriously, I didn’t lack the commitment, just the knowledge and expertise.

I started my research and found so much info online and at the gym (everyone knows how to get a six pack – oh, without actually having one themselves) that it got really difficult to know what was right and what was wrong.

Like everything in life, the biggest obstacle to actually achieving what you want is YOU. We are, unfortunately, intrinsically lazy, or if you want to be slightly kinder, we are all time starved with the pressures of life to make a commitment to our health and well being. I found that once I really committed to making it happen (and believe me, the e-book sat on my hard drive for a few months before I bothered to read it) the results I started to achieve really pushed me to keep going and as I started to lose weight and get my belly fat under control the satisfaction alone drove me to keep going. So, in a nutshell, once you get through the tough early stages, there will be no looking back.

Mike Geary’s book, The Truth About Abs, is a definitive work, that couples nutrition and exercise as the ONLY way to get a six pack set of abs. One doesn’t work without the other and Mike Geary knows this all too well because of his background as a certified nutritionist and personal trainer.

Do I recommend this book – of course I do. I have the six pack, but more importantly, its everything else, the healthy life style, the confidence, the attention, hell, I feel like James Bond (where’s the Aston Martin – I parked it here somewhere???) – I wish :-)

Find out how I finally got my six pack, click here to visit The Truth About Abs website

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